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The bed wedge is designed with an inclined design that keeps your effected swollen areas comfortably elevated in an angle that is optimal for reducing swelling.

 Bed Wedge.

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Bed Wedge can help reduce post-operative problems following surgery or injury including swelling, pressure, muscle tension and pain in upper parts of the body. Keeping an injured part elevated on the bed above the heart can help minimize throbbing and swelling. Relaxing operated muscles decreases tension and strain. The bed wedge is designed with an incline design that keeps your affected swollen areas comfortably elevated in an angle that is optimal for reducing swelling. In daily life, the bed wedge can be used everyday for breathing comfort, pressure relief, acid reflux disease, Hiatal hernia.

 Sizes Available.  Medium
 Quantity.  1
  Weight.  6 KG (Approx).
 Price.  Medium - Rs.3600.00 + Courier Charges
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 Dimensions.  Length.  Width.  Height.
 Medium 30 Inches. 24 Inches. 7.25 Inches.

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